About Me

An experienced education policy professional with a background in cognitive psychology, technology and computing


For the last six years I have worked at the Department for Education in England developing policy, commissioning delivery and managing strategic relationships with the aim of improving outcomes for young people. Over recent years I led policy reforms to mathematics and STEM education and primary phonics/literacy. I led policy developments to introduce computing in schools and headed the department's technology policy unit from 2011 to 2013.

I have a PhD and an academic background in cognitive psychology to underpin my approach to education, and a deep commitment to evidence-based strategies and interventions.

Key skills:

  • Deep understanding of cognitive aspects of teaching and learning, and how these relate to effective curricula and pedagogy

  • Ability to understand the broader strategic context and to link this to practical interventions that deliver positive outcomes

  • Ability to innovate, generating and encouraging ideas as well as securing implementation

  • Strong persuading and influencing skills, calm and positive manner

  • Strong work ethic and commitment to the public good

  • Ability and knowledge to operate in complex partnerships and political environments

  • Strong problem-solving, based on ability to grasp issues quickly in ways that support solutions

  • Excellent written, spoken communication and presentation skills

  • Strong analytical skills, underpinned by professional training and experience

  • Excellent people management skills evidenced by exceptional people survey outcomes