MIS matters 2 (too)

I’ve produced a second White Paper for local authorities (LAs) on switching schools to Cloud MIS, here.

It’s BETT week next week. Delegates will hear a lot about the potential of educational innovations generated off the back of technologies from other sectors – VR, adaptive interactive systems and Artificial Intelligence, for example. I’m looking forward to hearing the discussions and joining in the debates.

But there will be other important and arguably more fundamental discussions going on too – about MIS in schools. Fundamental, because school MIS is about more than information – these systems represent the underpinning data and digital architecture of the school system. Important, because we’ve reached a pivotal moment: Capita is about to launch its first true Cloud version of SIMS. We’re on the verge of an MIS shake-up.

Over the next few years, MIS services will need to be newly commissioned. It’s a fantastic opportunity to transform the digital landscape in schools to deliver far better value: an opportunity that shouldn’t be wasted. I want schools to be critical consumers and LAs to be their strategic partners in achieving this value.

Following my last White Paper on MATs and Cloud MIS, I’ve produced a second White Paper for local authorities (LAs) on switching schools to Cloud MIS. The benefits and savings at a local level could be substantial, the latter equating to over £5.9m over 5-years for a typical metropolitan (100-school) authority and £20m for a typical county (340 school) authority.

In the course of my research I met expert LA representatives with energy and foresight. But I met some sceptical local representatives and ‘couldn’t work here’ attitudes. I think we need shift in mindsets at local level to recognise and fully embrace the advantages of a switch to Cloud.

If you work in an LA context, I hope you find my paper helpful.

Download my White Paper on LAs switching schools and Cloud MIS TCO here:
Download my White Paper on LAs and Cloud MIS here:
Download my White Paper on MATS and Cloud MIS here: