Why are LAs behind MATs in switching to Cloud MIS?

At a recent local authority MIS event John Jackson, CEO of London Grid for Learning (LGfL) argued that it was time for local authorities to give schools what they need. He observed that legacy MIS is expensive to own and support and said that it's time for LAs to shake off any aversion to change to embrace Cloud MIS and the art of the possible.

Maintained schools are by far the largest segment of the school management information systems (MIS) market and yet LA-wide switching is notable by its absence. Nearly all schools that switched MIS last year were academies (including several MAT big-hitters) and individual LA maintained schools. Given the cost savings and digital transformation benefits that can be achieved, what needs to happen to address this situation?

A key problem is that we lack 'total cost of ownership (TCO) thinking' about local authority-wide school (MIS). That's because MIS costs are fragmented: no-one has oversight or ownership of costs across schools and local authority business units.

Without this transparency and oversight, financial incentives for change are removed. But LAs can address this situation, and here's how.

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